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Kayalami Launch

Book Your Ride!!!

Be the first South African to take this Superbike phenomenon for a spin around Kayalami. Book your ride by filling in your details below (if there are still slots available) – There are only 12 (limited laps) trips scheduled for the day, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!!

Terms and Conditions

As you may very well appreciate, we have to protect both you and us for this event, so the following terms have been put in place for this purpose:

  1. Insurance – R5,000.00 Deposit
    1. We have insured the bike (at great expense, since it is the first of its class in South Africa), and to this end we will require a deposit, in cash or credit card, on the day.
      1. R4,500.00 will be refundable if no damage was recorded during your laps.
      2. R500.00 is non-refundable.
    2. Please report at our Gazebo with the booking notification that we will send to you via email, once you have made your booking below.
  2. Valid License
    1. Make sure you have a valid motorcycle license (Code A) and are an experienced rider, with Stage 1 (compulsory) and Stage 2 (preferable) Race Training certified (we will verify this with your Club… 😉 ).
  3. Approved Protective Gear
    1. You must bring your own DOT certified helmet.
    2. If you do not have full racing leathers, please ensure that you are dressed in appropriate protective clothing.
  4. Identification – Bring the following with on the day;
    1. Bring your South African ID or Passport
    2. Valid motorcycle license
  5. The Ride
    1. Limited laps around the Kayalami race-track will be allowed, subject to session duration.
    2. The ride will only be allowed in Group C.

After you have completed your laps, we will have a professional Photographer on standby that will take photos of you and the LS-218, which we will email to you, together with your Certificate.

Looking forward to seeing you make history!

Your E2U Dream Team

Booking Form

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